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Honeywell Customizable Thermal Switches

There are thousands of custom products manufactured at Honeywell Redmond. Most of these are thermal switches. This is the outcome of being in the thermal switch business for more than half a century.

Because of this multi-generational legacy, continuously improving technologies, and experience solving difficult problems, the capability to produce unexpected solutions is significant. The best approach is to ask if something can be done in support of the requirement.

Pictures below show some of these capabilities. These need be thought of as an indication of Custom configurations rather than a limitation of offerings.

An example may help illustrate:

A military helicopter experienced an over-temp indication from a thermal switch while flying a mission in a sand storm. The warning light was blinking. The crew landed the helicopter aborting their part of the mission. Failure analysis revealed a competing switch that closed intermittently. The military came to Honeywell Redmond to develop a switch which could sense the temperature without being effected by vibration near the set-point. The diameter of the hole the switch had to fit in was smaller than the ½” switch diameter. Honeywell developed a thermal nail that threaded in the hole, thermally isolated the switch from the exterior, and developed an accurate thermal offset to control the temperature reliably in all environments. The fleet was subsequently retrofitted. Years later a large US commercial aircraft manufacturer needed a small probe diameter thermal switch for reasons of high vibration, space limitations, and high temperature. The thermal nail concept was applied along with unique mounting configuration, short probe length, and the same process of temperature development used earlier leading to a satisfactory use on the aircraft fleet. A foreign aircraft manufacturer had a similar need and again the thermal nail concept was repackaged to optimize a device for the application. All these devices are in production now.

There are hundreds of stories like this in the Custom Line. The takeaway is; ask for what you need. Something may be possible that seems unavailable.


Custom Thermal Switch Datasheet

Contains performance specifications, configuration drawings and sample ordering codes for this product [.pdf - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader].

THERMAL SWITCHES exported from the United States must be done in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and/or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) as applicable.