Honeywell Thermal Switch series 700, 500, 270, 250, 100 Customer Thermal Sensors

Honeywell Thermal Switches and Sensors

Honeywell specializes in designing and manufacturing thermal products for space, commercial aviation, military (MIL-SPEC) transportation and commercial/industrial applications.

Honeywell Thermal Switches are known for providing exceptional high reliability and consistent high quality thermal products, even in the most unusual or demanding environments. On the Mars Rover mission, the "Spirit" and "Opportunity"vehicles relied on the 700 Series Thermal Switches for its critical performance.
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Honeywell thermal sensors are offered in a wide range of configurations.Learn more about our product history and find how they fit with your specific application need.

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700 Series Thermal Switch
High-reliability thermal switch that provides users to select any number of off-the shelf designs. Switches receive an extensive battery of screening tests, assuring customers a product with the highest degree of workmanship and reliability and temperature stability.

500 Series Thermal Switch
Honeywell’s TS500 switches are most commonly used for commercial and military applications. These switches are ideally suited for applications where exceptional reliability, rapid temperature response, and consistently high quality are key requirements. These switches may be used for control, indicate or limit a variety of temperature functions.

270 Series Thermal Switch
High current, high reliability space switch commonly found on the Space Shuttle and International Space Station. These units are capable of handling 42VDC and greater that is required by the new power sources.

250 Series thermal Switch
Snap-action device specifically designed for applications requiring high current capacity in a high vibration and shock environment. The 250 series allows use in a broad range of temperature and altitude applications.

150 Series Thermal Switch
Thermally actuated micro-switch that is designed for non-hermetic applications. The switches bimetallic disc harnesses a micro-switch that is qualified to MIL-STD-880, UL, CSA and CE. This switch is capable of handling 7 amperes resistive load at 120 VAC, and 7 amperes at 28 VDC.

Sensor in a Switch
Many of the thermal switch products can be packaged with a Thin Film Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector in addition to the bimetallic element. This provides the user with previously unavailable thermal capability from a single device; redundancy, thermal regulation, thermal protection, self-test, and thermal environmental telemetry can be attained from one device.

Thermal Sensors
Many thermal switch packages can be packaged with a sensor in lieu of a switch. The robustness, flexibility, and reliability of the switch package provide an ideal way to package the Thin Film Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector.

Aircraft Spares
Legacy thermal switches for commercial and military aircraft such as Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas just to name a few.

Train Thermal Switches
Best choice for cost and performance. The fan control is specifically designed and qualified to operate the cooling fan contactor on GM-EDM (General Motors Electro-Motive Division)locomotive engines. The switch is non-adjustable, thermally stable and provided in a continuous range of temperature set points.

Custom Configurations
To fulfill specialized requests, ourcustom thermal switch configurations utilize the basic 250 or 500 Series, hermetically sealed switching mechanism. They are used in a diverse range of custom applications

THERMAL SWITCHES exported from the United States must be done in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and/or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) as applicable.