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Honeywell 150 Series Thermal Switches

Thermally Actuated Microswitch

Honeywell 150 Series Thermal Switches The 150 Series harnesses the electrical capability of a micro-switch and the thermal capability of a bimetal switch in one device. The ability to select a single-pole, single-throw or single-pole, double-throw wiring hookup allows the user to select a variety of outputs. Among the many attributes of the Honeywell thermally actuated microswitch, this component can be made to close or open on rise depending on user-selected wiring.

For applications where the environmental seals are adequate the Series 150 is the switch of choice.

Defense Supply Center Colombus Specification.

MIL-PRF-24236/30 NASA Goddard Specification: Click here for MIL-PRF-24236/30 as an additional resource. This is very useful tool for understanding the product and selecting the correct configuration for the application.

Series 150 specs iniclude:

  • Subminiature, Environmentally Sealed, SPST, SPDT Thermal Switch
  • 150 Series
  • ½” Thermally Actuated Micro-Switch
  • 5 ampere 28VDC resistive

Contact us to receive assistance in creating “ordering codes”, temperature matching of primary and secondary temperatures, and useful information on application optimization as well as information on the device.

150 Thermal Switch

Contains configuration drawings and sample ordering codes for this product. [.pdf - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader]

150 Thermal Switch End Item Inventory

For military and commercial applications [.xls - requires Microsoft Excel]

THERMAL SWITCHES exported from the United States must be done in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and/or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) as applicable.