Honeywell TS500 Thermal Switch Subminiature hermetic thermal switch

Honeywell 500 Series Thermal Switches

Aerospace Thermal Switch for Commercial and Military Applications

Honeywell 500 Series Thermal Switches This family of parts is the basis for many applications, combining small size with robust electrical characteristics packaged for severe environments with flexible mountings. They are the optimal choice for the user that demands the device to work every time. Honeywell's thermal switches are devices that have been used where others have failed.

One of the greatest strengths of the design is the "push-to-open" contact design. This means that the force of the flat spring is providing consistent closing force compared to other designs which use the bimetal disc to maintain closure of contacts. The available force for closing contacts using the disc is diminished as the snap-point is approached, increasing susceptibility to vibration and shock

The 500 series switches are manufactured in a controlled environment with temperature setpoints tested by a computer to assure accuracy and uniformity. The discs are 100% tested prior to assembly – no sample testing allowed.

This design has become the basis for many Custom configurations which optimize the package for single purpose applications.

  • The 570 Series supports applications to 400°F upper ambient
  • The 550 Series supports applications to 550°F upper ambient
  • The devices meet or exceed all conditions of MIL-PRF-24236/1
  • Higher temperatures are available as Customs; contact factory

Military Specifications.

Click here for MIL-PRF-24236/1 as an additional resource. This is a very useful tool for understanding the product and selecting the correct configuration for the application.

Series 500 specs include:

  • 570 and 550 Series
  • ½” mechanism
  • 5 ampere 28VDC
  • 2 ampere 115VAC


Contact us to receive assistance in creating “ordering codes”, temperature matching of primary and secondary temperatures, and useful information on application optimization as well as information on the device.

500 Data Sheet

Contains configuration drawings and sample ordering codes for this product. [.pdf - requires Adobe Acrobat Reader]

500 Thermal Switch Mil-Spec Inventory For military and commercial applications [.xls - requires Microsoft Excel]
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THERMAL SWITCHES exported from the United States must be done in accordance with the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) and/or the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) as applicable.